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Renovation Tips

Renovations at the best of times can be stressful and all consuming. Add a few delays and unforeseen issues to the mix and they can be the stuff of nightmares.

We know a thing or two about renovations and wanted to give you a few helpful tips to make it a smooth process.


Planning is the most important factor in renovation. Here are a few things to consider:
  • Take your time, look around, get advice, changes later will cost you money.
  • Research well what you are wanting to achieve and create a detailed plan so you can be sure everything will fit how you want it to.
  • You will need to know the exact fixtures and fittings you are going to use before you begin so factor this in.
  • Shop around for fixtures and fittings and get quality – you do get what you pay for in plumbing.
  • Unless you have deep pockets, have your plan and stick to it.
  • Know what the regulations are. Council Consent is vital to your renovation and no one will want to sign off your unconsented work. Take the time, do it right.
  • Here is a good article on DIY Legal Restrictions


For your renovation allow for 3 visits by your plumber.

First – 'Cap off' to remove or delete old fixtures and fittings and cap off any pipes so the other trades can work around the plumbing and start the demo.

Second - To 'pipe out' for new fixtures and fittings – here we will move pipes, install new lines and wastes and get everything ready for the showers, vanities, sinks, basins, toilets and taps that you have specified.

Remember – to make changes to the layout and positon of fixtures and fittings at this point will likely add extra costs and time to the job, even if it seems simple.

Third – 'Fit off' – to install the new fixtures and fittings – completing the job once the walls/tiles etc are all finished. If done correctly everything will line up just right.


  • Discuss your plan with all the trades and check if it's going to work practically
  • Ensure fixtures and fittings are onsite ready to go or at least the plumbers know exactly what fixtures and fittings you are installing. All are different and we need to know specifics as this is what we will install for.
  • Remember each trade needs a good amount of time. Schedules change, emergencies come up, staff are away. Anticipate that there may be hold ups, work with your trades and they will look after you.


It can be tempting to try and renovate on the cheap. While there are some money savers you can hunt out, don't cheap out on plumbing. Of course we would say that, but honestly we attend jobs where they've used the cheap stuff and we keep having to go back. Look for genuine products.

All the best with your renovations. Call us if we can help 0800 426 444.


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