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Spreading the Tradie Love

You may have heard there is a shortage of plumbers in the industry, which doesn't help the average householder when you need someone in a hurry. So how do you find and keep hold of a quality plumber in this busy market?

The team at Go1Day Painting had a few people asking so they kindly noted a few you could choose from on their blog. The companies they have chosen are industry professionals, and value quality over anything else. None more so than us - of course.

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Whom to choose – find a company that is professional and responsive, and stick by them. Any firm appreciates repeat business, but having a plumber that knows your property is more valuable than you may realise. Often we'll try and book the same guys back to the same site whenever possible. They end up building a good knowledge of the property and its unique characteristics which can save time and money identifying problems and diagnosing issues.

Resource them well – when you do have an issue, send through as much information as you can. We don't expect you to know what to do or how to describe things necessarily, but photos, brand names, model numbers, site contacts and easy access helps us help you.

Focusing on quality – cheap plumbers will give you a cheap job, but they'll be back, and back and back again. The measure of a plumber - we think - is in getting the job done right and that starts with quality. We think you should value quality and expect that from your tradies. But quality does cost more.

Realise we're busy – yes customer service is #1 and we do our best for you – and the nearly 100 other jobs we have on any given week. I'm sure you can appreciate that jobs run over, we discover greater issues, or we just get stuck in the blinking Auckland traffic like everyone else. Our scheduling team pours over the calendar all day trying to make best use of tradies time and also getting your job booked and done in a timely fashion.

Reading between the lines you might hear some of the frustrations we come up against in the industry, and that's pah for the course. But next time you need a tradie, remember to share a bit of love – stick by them, resource them well, insist on quality and understand when they're busy. They'll love you all the more for it and go the extra mile.

There are some great firms out there doing a solid job for clients – those mentioned in Go1Day Painting's blog are a great place to start – and of course Watertight Plumbing is the best! – But we would say that.


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