Watertight Plumbing Limited

We are your professional Plumbing and Gasfitting company. Centrally based in Penrose, Auckland, we are your one stop shop for Rinnai Infinity® gas hot water and Rinnai Gas Fire installation.

"It is our Mission to be your most trusted partner for Plumbing and Gasfitting"

When you choose Watertight Plumbing you choose quality and experience. Our team of 8 van based staff cover the wider Auckland area.


($170.20 incl)

$99+gst (labour)
$49+gst (van charge)

After hours minimum - $379+gst
 ($435.85 incl)

Public Holidays minimum - $519+gst ($596.85 incl)


($170.20 incl)

$99+gst (labour)
$49+gst (van charge)
Gas Certificate - $153.50+gst

After hours minimum - $379+gst ($435.85 incl)

Public Holidays minimum - $519+gst ($596.85 incl)

Leak Detection

Per Hour
$199+gst ($228.85 incl)

Important Information

  • Chargeable time includes travel to site and time collecting materials 
  • Standard Hours 7:30am – 5pm Monday - Friday
  • After Hours is an additional $199+gst per call out
  • After hours applies all weekend and applies weekdays for any job going past 5pm.

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