How to Choose a Gas Fire

There are 4 components/costs you need to consider when choosing a gas fire.

  1. The Engine - This is the heart and brains of the any gas fire place. It houses the combustion chamber, the electronics and the media (logs or stone set).
  2. The Fascia - This is the designer frame that finishes off the look of your gas fire. Available in various styles for each fire, choose the design that suits your tastes. The Rinnai website has a great selector to show you the options available.
  3. The Flue - tailored to fit your home, we work out what is required when we quote your installation as every location is different. See below for more about types of flues.
  4. The Installation - As each house is different we need to quote your installation. We need to work out what type of flue you'll need, the location and clearances of the fire and the construction involved to install.

Images: Display fire installed by us (Right Above) The Evolve Engine in a new built-in frame. (Right Above) The finished install with fascia in place and fire running.


The length of time an installation takes depends on what is involved. A basic install can be around 1 day and more involved jobs can take several days. We might need a builder to demo, retrofit old fire places or build out walls, create a base, or facades to suit the finish you are wanting. We also need an electrician to install power as necessary. Our gasfitter will run gas to the right location, connecting into existing or can install a new gas supply.

Once complete we test and commission the unit and show you how to use it answering any questions you have. We provide a gas and electrical certificates of compliance. Should you have any questions after the job, definitely give us a call we are happy to help.

Flue Options

When it comes to flue installation there are different options depending on what type of fire you are installing. We work this out for you when quoting, but out of interest here are several examples of types of flue options. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are examples only. What you require depends entirely on the model of fire and what will suit your situation.

Energy Savers (Flued Gas Heaters)

Another great home heating option is a flued gas heater. These units are fixed to an internal wall and the flue is ducted to outside giving you the benefit of gas heating and delivers excellent air quality and efficient heating to any room.

Installation follows a similar process to the gas fires above, less building work (not often required), and also including similar flue options. Any installation will need to be quoted.

Sensitive Choice, approved by the Asthma Foundation NZ
All Energysaver models are approved by the Asthma Foundations Sensitive Choice programme and come with features that may reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction for customers with asthma or allergies. Learn more...

Portable Convectors (Non-Flued Gas Heaters)

If you're looking for something a little smaller in gas heaters here are the Rinnai Dynamo and Avenger. These are portable gas heaters, they are not flued, and connect into a gas bayonet connection allowing you to move from room to room. 

Note these cannot be used in bedrooms and have minimum space requirements. Require the use of a fixed gas bayonet fitting. We can quote to install for you.

  • Portable, powerful and energy efficient
  • Energy-efficiency: Outputting 90% of energy used
  • Outstandingly effective: Using a new, very powerful, low-emission ceramic burner
  • Portable and powerful: These heaters reach the set temperature of the room up to 41% quicker than reverse cycle air conditioning units*

Learn more...

LPG or Natural Gas?

Just like a car has petrol or diesel, your gas fire or heater uses either LPG or Natural Gas. You may already have Natural Gas piped in off the street. If you are not sure if there is Natural Gas available to your property, use the Vector estimator tool to find out and see an approximate cost to have a meter installed. Once your meter is installed you'll just need to sign up with an Energy retailer to get it turned on, and ask us to connect up your appliances.

If you do not have gas onsite, we can help to get you set up with a pair of 45kg LPG bottles. We send through a referral to Contact-Rockgas who will call you and discuss setting up an account. Once setup they will deliver bottles to site for us to install. When one is empty you just call and they'll swap it over. 


We stand by our workmanship so any problems give us a call.

Gas Fires - Manufacturers Warranty
2 years parts/labour
For full terms see

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