Leak Detection

Watermain Leaks, Replacements, Water Check Meters

Leak Detection

Do you suspect a watermain leak underground somewhere or have you had a high water bill lately?

We can locate and repair your water main leaks. We use leak detection equipment to literally listen to the ground, tracing the water main path till we hear the leak. Once we find it we can dig and repair.

Step 1

First hour leak detecting

  • Arrange access to the house/unit - check off toilets, taps, and hot water cylinders for leaks
  • Find and test water meter
  • Use our specialist acoustic equipment to trace leak
  • If leak is located, ground is marked with paint or crayon

Step 2

Discuss outcomes and agree on way forward

  • Leak found on house plumbing (taps/toilet etc) not watermain – discuss repairs
  • Leak found on watermain – discuss work to dig and repair
  • Unable to locate leak – discuss and quote watermain replacement options

Step 3

Carry out agreed works

  • We will schedule the works as discussed and carry these out
  • • Where leaks occur on common areas it is your responsibility to seek necessary approvals
  • • Health and Safety of occupants, neighbours and other users is of upmost importance

Leak Detection Price

Leak Detection Price

Minimum - $180+gst ($207 incl)

Then $89+gst per hour after the first hour for further investigation and repairs

After hours leak detection

Minimum - $360+gst ($414 incl)

For noisy roads or commercial units we may need to attend after hours

Ongoing Labour Rate

$89+gst ($102.35 incl)

Any work to repair your plumbing is charged on top of our first hour leak detection charge

How Do I Know If I Have A Water Main Leak?

Your water main ie the water pipe that comes to your house under ground can spring a leak like any other pipe. The issue is it's underground so you might not even know about it. Don't worry however, there are ways to tell if you have a leak on this pipe and we can help you sort it out.

Always review your monthly water bills, these tell you how much water you are using and checking them regularly will tell you if there is an unusual increase in usage. Also Watercare will let you know if they also notice a spike in your water usage and suggest you call a plumber.

Another way to tell, is that you may notice a wet sodden area in the garden or grass, or water seeping/bubbling up that doesn't seem to ever dry up. 

If you have any questions call us today and we can help you find out what to do next - 0800 426 444.

How to do a water meter test

Doing a leak test on your meter is easy and can save you a call out for a plumber.

To do a leak test find a couple of hours or even 30 min when you won't use the water. This can be overnight or during the day if you are at work. 

Locate your water meter and check the serial number etched into it against your Watercare bill. Record the numbers in RED on the dial. These indicate 100's L / 10's L / 1L / and 0.1L. Then just wait for a while and read it again. if the dial has turned and no one has been using water, then the water is running/leaking somewhere and then give us a call. 0800 426444

CALL US TODAY 0800426444

Why Do Water Mains Leak?

Your water main has most likely been there since the house was built. Some houses this could be 30+ years ago. Any pipe used has a lifespan of 25-30 years, and when it gets older it is more prone to bursting. We also find once one burst has been repaired, then next weakest point on the pipe can burst soon after. At some point the decision might need to be to replace the entire water main.


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