Hot Water Cylinders

Your first call for Hot Water Storage

Hot Water Cylinders

When it's time to upgrade your hot water cylinder call us first. Electric hot water is still a great option for your home and with a mains pressure upgrade you can enjoy all the benefits.

What size cylinder do I need?

When it comes to capacity there are two basic types you should look at. 135L & 180L. Within these capacities there are various shapes/physical sizes to fit your location.

  • 135L - For the small 2-3 bedroom home
  • 180L - For the larger 3-4 bedroom home and anyone with teenagers

Enamel vs Stainless Steel

The tank inside every hot water cylinder is either:

  • Steel-lined with an enamel coating - a standard low cost option for your HWC
  • Stainless steel - a robust longer lasting option, also has a longer warranty normally across brands


You can expect water to be off for most of the time we are there. We remove your old cylinder, and install your new one. Our electrician takes care of the electrical connection so you know it's safe and we provide an electrical certificate. All of this takes the best part of a day to complete, and most of the time you will have hot water by early evening.

Normally take the best part of a day to replace your hot water cylinder. We have an electrician do the electrical and provide a certificate. We take the old cylinder away.


When upgrading or changing from a particularly old cylinder we often have to pick a different sized unit. This may mean your cupboard or shelves might not fit back in fully. We will let you know if this won't be possible.

While you are thinking of upgrading, an outdoor option or even gas hot water could be another great option for you. Ask us about your options.

Burst Hot Water Cylinder

It can happen! If your cylinder does spring a leak in the middle of the night, turn the water off to the house. You may not be able to stop the water emptying from the cylinder, you can prevent more flowing into it. Then call us, we can quote and turn around a replacement normally within a day. Again it does take the best part of a day, so we can't always do the same day replacement.


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